chi-Q-nie bibliotheque

This library center represents a response from Indonesia’s latest condition in the last few years. At the present we are in the grey point, a waiting point, the in-between condition (condition between disorder and order) or that is called turbulence.

The journey to the third Millenium for the Indonesian people had turn into a tragical and antithesis journey. The future optimism had become a pessimism. The joy, captivation and greed euphoria had turn into a hysterical panic, violence and brutality. The futuristic dream had turn into a multi-dimensional crisis ghosts (the economy, social, moral and spiritual crisis).

As if there were a invisible horrifying power that we have been living in for years, a power that had spread the seeds of violence, brutality, million of fears, desperation, terrors, intimidation, threads, million of hysteria, and madness as a way to find and defend its authority and had turn into a simulacrum machine, that reproduce power by spreading fakeness and falseness.

But then, there was a collective effort to demolish the structures and parasites of the economic, politic, law, and culture that was feudalistic, monopolistic, collusive, nepotistic, repressive, centralistic and exclusive; that altogether was based by one of the thinking model, or an intellectual strategy that is later called DECONSTRUCTION.

project : public facility
floor area : –
site area : –
number of stories : 7 floors
client: municipality of dki jakarta
collaborator : –
location : cikini, jakarta, indonesia
status : design by research