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sigit kusumawijaya: menajamkan intuisi atau sensitivitas [ ]

Profile of Sigit Kusumawijaya, Principal Architect of sigit.kusumawijaya | architect & urbandesigner, was on the headline of Indonesia Kreatif web, portal about creative industry practitioners, initiated by Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia.

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jakarta berkebun community garden at casa goya residence [ FuturArc ]

sigit.kusumawijaya | architect & urbandesigner urban farming project was featured on FuturArc magazine, The Voice of Green Architecture in Asia, edition Sep-Oct 2014 | volume 38.

sigit.kusumawijaya | architect & urbandesigner as a Principal Architect & Landscape Designer for project of Indonesia Berkebun – IDberkebun Community Garden at Casa Goya Residence, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta.

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